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Africa's first modern bird extinction?

Osho Leela Celebration Group Photo 2013

Osho Leela Celebration Group Photo 2016
'Amano Samarpan' began photography in Nepal with a cheap compact camera that he used to record a child he had agreed to sponsor. Photography progressed to making photos of his experiences in Nepal and also to documenting a large earthquake that hit the Himalayan region towards the end of the 1980's.

Studying photography in England followed. He spent a number of years doing workshops at Duckspool beginning with a Martin Parr workshop. Other workshops followed with photographers such as the late Faye Godwin, John Davies, John Blakemore and other Magum photographers such as Susan Miesalas.

Samarpan's work covers Tibetan Buddhist art and birds of the Indian subcontinent among other more varied subjects.

Photographs started to be published and in 1997, a book called Silent Meditation which Samarpan also edited, appeared containing a series of black and white photographs.

His first book, A Photographic Guide to the Birds of India was published in 2006; it contains about 300 of his photographs and took about ten years to complete. A second volume is under preparation.

Indian Birds in Focus is an A4 sized book with large photographs of Indian birds.

Samarpan travels regularly to India and elsewhere to photograph.

Photographs on this website are available for sale as prints at any size; they can also be made available for publication. Since they represent only a small part of a much larger collection, enquiries are welcome...
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This book presents both common and seldom seen birds of the Indian subcontinent in their habitats not just as a way to more clearly identify and hence understand them but also because it recognises the important role that environment plays in their survival. The future of birds not only rests on the preservation of their habitats, the avian population is an important indication of the health of the environment.

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